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  • 8 Experience in coordination
  • 9 Short waiting time
  • 10 Rich natural resources
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EQUILIBRIUM the health tourism provider



EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider is an incoming medical/health tour operator  in Poland. We offer an intermediary service in the field of medical/health tourism and also all other health-related aspects.

EQUILIBRIUM cooperates between the client and Polish medical/health institutions (i.e. hospitals, clinics, spa resorts, etc.), hospitality market (i.e. hotels, spa centers, etc.), travel agencies. Our intermediary service focuses on all activities selected thoroughly by the medical/health clients. We specialize in coordinating the client from the moment of:

  •   receive an inquiry,
  •   submitting the proposal of medical/health procedure and its evaluation,
  •   propose the tailored schedule for medical/health procedure,
  •  until the moment when the client returns safe to a place of residence and gives us a feedback/testimonials regarding EQUILIBRIUM`s services.

EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider targets professional and comprehensive care for medical tourists coming to Poland. We take care of keeping high standards as regards to the proper customer service and effective implementation of medical tourism procedures among EQUILIBRIUM`s business partners. Current resources of EQUILIBRIUM`s business partners enables the provision of services at the highest level. All our business partners are thoroughly selected medical companies/institutions that meet the highest standards of offered services. EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider only involves the cooperation with reliable companies that meet our standards, which are:

  • quality of offered services and medical equipment,qualified medical/health professionals and communicative English speaking administrative personnel,
  • service delivery on time,
  • offer is available for people with disabilities and/or having a certain level of disability or disfunction (which means that a person is still allowed to travel safe without taking any risk to the current state of health),
  • customer care skills.

EQUILIBRIUM`s business partners are equipped with modern infrastructure systems. This is particularly important for foreign clients, who value comfort and an adequate standards of provided services. Also medical/health professionals and administrative personnel of EQUILIBRIUM`s business partners are subject to permanent training and quality monitoring program. EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider works with many recognized institutions, medical centers, medical resorts, etc. in Poland.



EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider proves the quality of its services in the field of medical/health tourism.

Polish Academy of Hospitality awarded EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider the Certificate of Recommendation for obtaining the knowledge and competence in professional management of services. Certified Seminar allows to implement the comprehensive approach to the delivery of services and develop organizations. This process helps companies in continuous improvement and creates a clear mechanisms that ensure high quality of provided services.

EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider is licensed (no. 1277) in the Mazowieckie Region Register of Tour Operators and Travel Agents.


EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider is associated with:

  • POLISH ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL TOURISM (PAMT), which is responsible for the development of the medical tourism economy in Poland. The main objectives of the association are: safety of treatment, promotion and education. Through its activities the association increases the confidence of foreign patients in the Polish health care sector. PAMT is a non-profit organization based on the best hospitals, clinics, medical providers and the companies supporting the development of medical tourism, such as insurance companies and other medical companies. The aim of all affiliated entities of association is to promote high quality of the Polish health care on the international market;
  • US-POLISH COOPERATION COUNCIL (USPCC), which promotes cooperation between Poland and the USA in the economic exchange, cooperation in science and development of technology;
  • TREATMENT ABROAD (UK medical tourism portal for agents, brokers, hospitals and clinics);
  • AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT OF MAZOVIA REGION, whose mission is to create and support the social and economic development of the Mazovia region through human capital development, economic promotion of the region, support investors and exporters, projects revitalization, and consulting.





EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider has two websites. The first website provides  medical tourism information (, while the second website presents the services in the field of health tourism ( Both websites are available in English version.

Our services are available as a medical/health packages, but also as an individual treatments, tailored to the client needs and/or a group of medical/health tourists.

A sample of tailored package includes the following details:

  • Clinic/Hotel description
  •  Benefits
  • Offer
  •  Additional information


EQUILIBRUM The Health Tourism Provider offers the following main services:










In addition, EQUILIBRIUM provides extra services upon the client request, such as: direct transport from/to the airport, booking an accommodation, touring the city and its surroundings, hiring a translator, insurance, dedicated coordinator assigned to the client during the stay in Poland, and after the return to a place of residence in order to analyze the effectiveness of the treatment/surgery and to obtain a feedback about the stay.

EQUILIBRIUM `s dentistry department offers:

  • medical consultation
  • whitening
  • prevention of tooth decay
  • sensitive teeth treatment
  • treatment of gum disease, periodontal and mucosal
  • endodontic treatment (root treatments)
  • implants
  • veneers
  • oral health care
  • oral disease screening
  • children's preventive program and care
  • experienced dental hygienists
  • dental radiography
  • orthodontics
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • routine and advanced restorative dentistry (from fillings to crowns and bridges)
  • minor oral surgery
  • emergency treatment
  • care of nervous patients

EQULIBRIUM`s cosmetic surgery department offers:

  • medical consultation
  • face:
    • forehead
      • horizontal forehead wrinkles (Botox, Hyaluric Acid, connection of both methods)
    • eyebrows
      • glabbelar lines - between the eyebrows (Botox, Hyaluric Acid)
      • eyebrow lifting
    • eyes
      • dark circles under eyes (Hyaluric Acid, Medical Exfoliation)
  • nose
    • deep nose folds (filling with Hyaluric Acid)
    • non-surgical correction of nose shape (Botox and/or Hyaluric Acid)
    • vascular closing
    • lips
      • lip enlargement
      • narrow or asymmetric lips
      • wrinkles on lip corners
      • wrinkles on upper lip (injection of Hyaluric Acid, Botox, Mesotherapy)
      • mouth corner correction
      • smoker wrinkles (around mouth) correction
      • crow’s feet - laugh lines (Botox, Hyaluric Acid, Mesotherapy with Hyaluric Acid, Conjectil, NCTF with Hyaluric Acid)
    • chicks/chin
      • shape modeling cheeks/chin (Voluma)
      • vascular closing
    • neck
      • rejuvenation, firming neck area (Mesotherapy, Mesolis plus)
      • low-cut neckline spot (Easy peel, Cosmelan)
      • Botox lift
    • acne treatments
      • skin acne (chemical peeling, TCA)
      • acne scars (Easy peel exfoliation, deep Easy peel exfoliation, filling, Mesotherapy)
      • correction of scars (injections, Mesotherapy)
    • other treatments
      • non-surgical face lifting
      • flabby skin face (Mesotherapy, Conjectil, NCTF with Hyaluric Acid, Hyaluric Acid, Mesolis plus)
      • correction face contour ( Voluma, Hyaluric Acid, Sculptra, Mesolis plus)
      • Marionette lines correction
      • rejuvenation, full face
      • face discoloration (exfoliation)
  • Erythema - discoloration (Mesotherapy with Hyaluric Acid Mesolithic, Mesolis plus)
  • correction of scars (injections, Mesotherapy)
  • vascular closing
  • body
    • body shaping (Mesotherapy, lipolysis)
    • excessive sweating
    • vascular closing (blood vessels on legs)
    • acne treatments
    • acne scars (Easy peel exfoliation, deep Easy peel exfoliation, filling, Mesotherapy)
    • stretch marks (Roll-Cit, Easy peel with microdermabrasion)
    • correction of scars (reducing injections, Mesotherapy)
  • hair
    • hair loss (Mesotherapy)
    • Regenreis
  • laser therapy

EQUILIBRIUM`s orthopedics department offers the treatments which require the hospitalization process. All treatments are dedicated to people who are in the initial or advanced stage of diagnosis, where a surgical treatment is needed due to the current state of health. At the moment our offer includes a wide range of treatments of upper limb (shoulder pain), such as:

  • orthopedics consultation
  • shoulder
    • subacromial bursoscopy, treatment of subacromial conflict
    • arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff disorders
    • arthroscopic correction of shoulder instability – reconstruction of articular labrum
    • arthroscopic treatment of joint cartilage
    • arthroscopic treatment of acromio – clavicular joint instability
    • treatment of degenerative changes in acromio – clavicular joint
    • surgical of clavicle fractures
    • surgical treatment of humerus fractures

EQUILIBRIUM recommends post-surgery rehabilitation service which is available as a rehabilitation packages or tailor-made treatments performed under the supervision of your doctor and/or physiotherapist during the stay in Poland.

EQUILIBRIUM`s  eye surgery department offers:

  • eye examination
  • eye lens replacement surgery
  • retinal angiography
  • LASIK laser eye surgery
  • cataract surgery
  • pterygium removal surgery
  • blepharoplasty eyelid surgery
  • intravitreal injections
  • cataract removal
  • pterygium excision
  • anterior segment pathologies (cornea, glaucoma, cataract....)
  • posterior segment pathologies (vitreous, retina, macula and optic nerve)
  • binocular vision and strabismus
  • lacrimal system and orbit
  • refractive surgery (LASIK, ICL, LIO…)
  • macular degeneration (Lucentis, Avastín…)
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • clinical ophthalmology
  • diagnostic imaging department (Goldman field, HRT II, OCT, Angiography, Ecography, Corneal Topography, etc.)

EQUILIBRIUM`s SPA&Wellness, rehabilitation packages, metabolic balance advisory and agritourism departments are mostly presented as the ready-to-buy packages available on the website of EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider.

The procedures offered by EQUILIBRIUM The Health Tourism Provider are the most commonly selected by the clients. The list is not limited. EQUILIBRIUM provides other treatments upon your request.

Please send us your Enquiry/Feedback Form for all your medical travel-related questions. We do our best to answer you in the most comprehensive way.

Please visit to be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our health offer and also do not forget to visit to read more about EQUILIBRIUM and its medical services. 









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"I will be leaving Warsaw in a couple of days - it was an unbelievable experience for my husband and I. The staff are second to none - I was happy that my surgeon spoke English and made me feel at ease when I was so nervous in the operating room. I am still having water fall down my cheeks, but they are tears of happiness - I'm so glad I came and had the procedure!"

Lila Cugini, Canada


"I went on a journey to Poland for health and received a treatment like nothing I've experienced in the past. Now I'm on a new journey of health and healing, I really feel like I've gone back in time and regained my health. I just feel so lucky on so many levels."

Darrell Foster, Canada

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