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  • 8 Experience in coordination
  • 9 Short waiting time
  • 10 Rich natural resources
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Uzdrowisko "Kamień Pomorski"

The town of Kamień Pomorski enjoying centuries – old tradition and lush greenery. The place ideal for relaxation and encounters with history. Picturesquely located on Zalew Kamieński with Rewal, Świnoujście and Międzyzdroje nearby.

Health Resort Kamień Pomorski is famous for curing motor system conditions, rheumatologic and neurological diseases as well as cardio-vascular system conditions. Post-mastectomy conditions are also treated here. The offer of the health resort includes fitness stays, peat treatments, baths, inhalations, electrotherapy, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, massages, treatment gymnastics and rehabilitation pool.

The health resort specialises in early cardiologic rehabilitation of post-infarction condition as well as early orthopaedic rehabilitation. You are also welcome to visit our Saline Cave. It is a unique opportunity to feel the exceptional influence of salt on the body. The atmosphere in the cave reproduces the microclimate prevailing in natural underground saline caves of Wieliczka or Bochnia. It is filled with air rich in elements necessary for keeping the balance between body and soul.

The Chrobry Hotel is a three-floor building in the centre of the historic part of the town. Here there are twin-bedded as well as three-bedded rooms and suites.The Hospital Mieszko is the best known treatment centre in Kamień Pomorski. Single, twin-bedded as well as three-bedded rooms. Mieszko caters especially for disabled patients. The Dąbrówka Hotel offers accommodation in single, twin-bedded and three-bedded rooms with en suite bathrooms. The characteristic feature of the Health Resort House Gryf is its private and soothing atmosphere it enjoys thanks to the nearby Resort Park. Natural Treatment Centre Feniks is the centre of hydro treatment, treatment with peat as well as inhalation treatments. Is located close to the Resort Park.

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"I will be leaving Warsaw in a couple of days - it was an unbelievable experience for my husband and I. The staff are second to none - I was happy that my surgeon spoke English and made me feel at ease when I was so nervous in the operating room. I am still having water fall down my cheeks, but they are tears of happiness - I'm so glad I came and had the procedure!"

Lila Cugini, Canada


"I went on a journey to Poland for health and received a treatment like nothing I've experienced in the past. Now I'm on a new journey of health and healing, I really feel like I've gone back in time and regained my health. I just feel so lucky on so many levels."

Darrell Foster, Canada

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